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easy to find notes

CodeNPaste app desktop user interface
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CodeNPaste app tablet user interface
Boost your productivity
End scattered content
Eliminate complex folder structure
Access your content effortlessly
Save intellectual energy
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Stack up with CodeNPaste:

Centralize Tag Search

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CodeNPaste: users are saying:

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It's perfect for storing my concept like I build my code: 1 class = 1 responsibility.

Sasha - C# Dev

I wish I had something like that when I started programming!

Michael - IT project manager

I got rid of the frustrations of navigating my files and folders; now, I only search and code faster.

Belliappa - Web Dev

Regarding reusable elements, I have libraries, class inheritances and CodeNPaste.

Gregoire - Python Hobbyist

It complements my work environment; it's a kind of snippet manager. CodeNPaste is the right balance of features and simplicity. It saves time.

Bayrem - C# Dev

When questioned on a programming concept, I first send an item link. Often, it's enough. Any follow-up discussion has a higher level.

Alexander - Senior Dev

CodeNPaste: some use cases

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As programming companion

    Productive IT specialists uses CodeNPaste to:

  • Organize programming references and tools;
  • Keep track of methods, best practices, regex, code-snippet, processes, or any knowledge accumulated while working.

Cross-platform items access

    Working on several machine a programmer wants:

  • No installation;
  • No local copy;
  • No backdoor;
  • No sync;
  • No credential conflict.

Simplify organization
& save time

    Organized programmer uses CodeNPaste to:

  • Have all in 1 central place;
  • Replace folder systems by a search engine;
  • Apply tags for exploration and multiple grouping.

Communicate & share

    Teams and groups:

  • Share scripts with a link and eliminate security hurdles; link owners always have the latest versions;
  • Bookmark linked or public items and see when they are updated without annoying notifications.

Learn & remember

    Students, hobbysts and programmers:

  • Learn as they accumulate & structure items;
  • Might not remember a solution, but they never forget they add the problem and can review notes, best practices, concepts, methods, or examples efficiently with CodeNPast : app.

Systemic knowledge management

    Teams and companies working mulitple cross project needs:

  • Transversal, universal and reusable concepts and examples to facilitate teammate integration, limit error, achieve higher consistency;
  • Improve knowledge transfer between, past, present and future employees.

How will you use it?