Project and Vision

CodeNPaste (CNP) was born as a side project effort to build a productivity and collaboration tool.

The objective was to create a tool to circumvent the founders' issues with existing tools and knowledge managements systems.

On the personal productivity side, our first goals were:

  • Have a central place to safeguard our notes, concept research, etc.
  • Free ourselves from synchronization, installation, and login issues of cloud drives
  • Ensure fast and easy content retrievals.
  • Reduce efforts for organization.

On the collaboration side, the goals are:

  • Circumvent security risks and barriers when sharing informations or scripts.
  • Facilitate and protect knowledge transfer between a team's past, present, and future members.
  • Remove the need for coffee machine encounters.

We designed the tool for our needs; we hope you will enjoy it and find that CNP makes your programming tasks easier.