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CodeNPaste vs Git

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By Grégoire LEGEARD - October 22nd, 2021

What's the difference between a GIT and a Programming Concept Manager like CodeNPaste?

Basically, the difference lies in the scope and the purpose. One is project-specific, while the other is general.


GIT is distributed version control system. It helps keep track and manage the various updates and versions of a project (website, documents, programs, etc. … ). Therefore it is project-specific.

Some GIT, like GitHub, facilitate project management and collaboration features such as code review, pull and review request, Kanban Board, etc. …

It's a widespread tool for software development and collaboration. But it suffers from:

  • Generally, no place to add notes and comments except inside the code or add a particular file in the folder
  • No good Search.
  • The code is adapted to the project specification.


CodeNPaste is a programming concept manager. It's a cloud-base service allowing programmers to build up their knowledge library storing template, script, test, batch file, regex, code snippets, concept, cheatsheets, as well as references.

The focus is on tools and concepts with reuse potential within a project or between them (i.e. different repo). The organization is facilitated by tags and dynamics folders to get rid of any tedious file system. A specialized index search engine allows for quick retrievals.

Use Case:

  • Permanent Clipboard, for tool often copy and past between project or inside your project.
  • Build independent knowledge base and cheat sheets.
  • Sharing your tools with friends, teams, customers, or CNP community.

In a Software Development pipeline, CodeNPaste finds its place before GIT. What's your strategy to accumulate knowledge and improve your productivity?