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How can programmers remember everything they learn ?

  • Knowledge management
  • Organization
  • Productivity
By Grégoire LEGEARD - October 7th, 2021

Well, some like Sheldon Cooper have Eidetic memory and can remember everything. But for most, it's simply impossible. The necessity is unclear, especially considering the fast IT development pace, creating obsolescence and innovations.

Among the great way to circumvent our limitations and the situations are general skills and experience.

General programming skills

Specialization is in demand, but long term success requires:

  • Understand programming logic, algorithm, architecture and planning
  • Ability to analyze a problem and "find" the needed information and solutions
  • Learn constantly and adapt to technological dev.
  • Share and collaborate with others.


Learning by doing is a proven method to accumulate knowledge and know-how for the longterm. In the programming world it also means:

  • The more problem you solve, the more you can solve
  • It's all about practice as well as memory is about repetition.

When it comes to "remembering," Good organization and knowledgement management practices will sort the details. They are technical means. It becomes a question of organization and structure.

Organisation and Discipline

Organization and discipline to commit to the routine of safeguarding and formalizing the accumulated knowledge and information.

Knowledgement management system structure

  • Ensure it's centralized and backed up. (you don't want years of work to go to waste)
  • Easy to organize and retrieve (you don't want to waste time, it should not be an extra hurdle)

A standard solution is a file system on a cloud drive or SharePoint for a re-usable script. But the organization is very personal and might be tedious at the time of retrieving the needed information.

For ideas, notes, and concepts, tools like OneNote, Evernote might be a solution.

An alternative is a solution like CodeNPaste:. It relied on a tag system and specialized index search to help you organize and retrieve the programming knowledge and details you have accumulated. In addition, it offers a dedicated environment for both code and notes using a code editor. As a result, CodeNPaste: saves retrieval times and mental energy.